58mm Reverse Macro Adapter

Over the past few years I've done a bit of macro photography using the " reverse-macro" technique. This method is performed by holding a standard camera lens in front of the body backwards. This yields quite strong macro performance. My most common subject has been floral but like anyone, insects are irresistable, too.

The trouble I've been having is holding the darn lens to the body while trying to compose and take the shot. This crude method doesn't allow the use of a tripod or cable release. Until now.

Last week I was ordering some accessories for my upcoming return trip to the Caribbean when I noticed that the online store I was using, MaxServer.net was selling an 58mm Reverse Lens Macro adapter for Canon.

It was a no brainer for me to add this to the cart. My order arrive about 10 days after I ordered it from Hong Kong and works as expected. The nice thing about the fact that you're mounting the lens with the filter threads is that you're not limiting yourself to EF lenses now, you can use old FD or even non-Canon lenses if you wish. With some step rings you can attach just about any lens you want.

All photos are full size, scaled, not crops.