Ghetto Flash Extender

Introducing the Ghetto Flash Extender - GFE

I've been researching methods for photographing wildlife on my upcoming vacation to Costa Rica. There's no telling what kind of creatures that may cross my field of view. No doubt, however, that many will be a good distance away in the shadows of the forest canopy.

One of the items I kept coming across for taking photos of birds or monkeys in the canopy was a "Flash Extender". The most commong being one called the Better Beamer. Turns out that this is nothing more than a fresnel lense on a bracket. I thought, hey, I can do that!

So I purchased a $2.50 fresnel reading lens at Barnes & Nobles and got to tinkering with some cardboard. I knew that cardboard by itself would be too flimsy, so I added some ridgity with some folded ribs and somewhat embarassingly, McDonald's milkshake straws.

The results, however, appear to be as acceptable as those of the $40 model. Its lightweight, foldable and cost me a whopping $2.50!