BOE111 (E-10) f/f, BOE659 at PAE

Ok, so what's so special about a white Boeing 767?

Well, its the first 767-400 Boeing has produced in several years. Why would Boeing produce a white 767-400? Wellll... originally this airframe was intended to be the prototype for the Air Force's Multisensor Command and Control Aircraft, or E-10. But budget changes eliminated it from the Air Force's budget so Boeing was left with this unique aircraft.

So what next?

Good question. Its got no windows, so its useless for pax, and its got no upperdeck cargo door, so its useless for cargo!

My suggestions:

Replace america's aging fleet of Vomet Comets:

Zero-G: 727-200
NASA: KC-135/C-9B
ESA/CNES: KC-135/A300

Or, let Orbital Sciences replace their old L-1011 with a brand new, ready-for-instrumentation 767!