BOE801 delivery, BOE534 taxi, BOE701 First flight at KPAE

Lunch at Paine... what an hour!

Quite a hullaballo over at the Future of Flight museum for the delivery flight of Cathay Pacific B-KPF, as it was parked on their ramp and there was a large party on their deck.

The 777 rolled out and departed with a traditional wing-rock before disappearing in the low overcast. Minutes later, the new Emirates SkyCargo 747-400F requested permission to do a high speed test, but when asked if they wanted to keep their flight plan open, they said "probably not". So no flight today.

Moments after it finished its run, I heard someone whistle and looked out and saw B-KPF in bound for a flyby. Got in position just in time to see it do its low pass. Very exciting, and it generated cheers from the crowd at the FoF.

Then, out popped the JAL 767 for its first flight.

Update February 24, 2008:

Apprentely this Captain of this flight was later fired for failing to notify the airline of this "top gun" stunt.

Update: February 28,2008

Its been a crazy week, that's all I can say.

  • 1.3 MILLION views on youtube
  • 2 television interviews (KING5 Television and Inside Edition)
  • 3 UK Papers using my images without my authorization
  • And a partridge in a pair tree

Here's a new image I have added to illustrate just how low the plane actually flew, by my estimate: