BOE718, BOE871, BOE770 and an An-124!

Took lunch at PAE as soon as the Antonov filed its flight plan.

Volga-Dnepr RA-82079 arrived early in the morning at PAE, which is a bit rare as they usually deliver the GE90's to BFI. So it was a nice to see it at Paine for a change, which usually offers better vantage points.

However, no matter how good your vantage point, its no good when its pouring rain sideways! But it actually cleared up a bit right when it took off, so no worries.

As usual, it was a spurt of activity almost all at once as the Ruslan warmed up, a Ryan Air 737-800 (EI-DWX) did a dramatic missed approach test, JAL's newest 767 did a test flight and Jet Airways VT-JEK made its first flight all within 20 minutes!.

Quite a crowd gathered to watch the Antonov An-124 depart, more than I've seen before.