BOE858, N571UP at KPAE

Went up to KPAE because a UPS 747-400 had filed a flight plan. Funny thing was there didn't appear to be a UPS 747 at the airport. Watched BOE858, a Ryan Air 737-700 to a touch and go (literally touched and went without stopping) on its way to KBFI from Bellingham.

The B835BA BBJ was there, which seems to be all over the place these days.

As I left, I looked up toward the Goodrich hangers and saw a really large tail which could only be a 747. The magically appearing 747. I with a tip from another spotter about a good spot near the fire station. Turned out to have a front row seat to the delivery flight of UPS's new N571UP that had apparently been in the hanger since September.

I also met Raj Changela, a pretty prominent plane spotter as it were.