BOE954, BOE14, An-124, 727 at KBFI

Initially went u p to Paine hoping to see BOE533 activity but it was pretty quiet up there. Luckily, the Future of Flight Museum has open wifi access, so I looked up KBFI and saw that the Antonov An-124 was set to depart and a Champion Air 727 was expected to land around the same time. So I scooted down to the Midfield Airpark Lot and waited. The An-124 was late for takeoff and the 727 was late to arrive, but in the meantime I got to see N835BA, a 737 Business Jet (BBJ) takeoff as well as an Air India 777-200LR takeoff.

By the time the An-124 was ready to go I had to leave, so I missed its taxi and takeoff.