Did a little research on these trains appearing in Woodinville

One thing of note is the tail pod on the 2482 airframe:

"A short-field design package is available for the 737-600, -700 and -800, allowing operators to fly increased payload to and from airports with runways under 5,000 feet. The package consists of sealed leading-edge slats (improved lift), a two-position tail skid (enabling reduced approach speeds) and increased flight spoiler deflection on the ground. These improvements are standard on the 737-900ER."

says Wikipedia

Its my understanding that they're using the woodinville sub for the leg to Renton rather than via Seattle tunnel because of the 900's length: "Several times a week, Boeing's Renton plant receives fuselages from the Spirit Aerosystems - a former Boeing-owned division in Wichita, Kansas - which are essential to the 900 model of its highest production airplane, the Next Generation 737. That model is longer, accommodating more passengers, making its fuselage too long to pass over Renton's Cedar River bridge, part of BNSF's Westside rail line, without damage. Conte said BNSF plans to rehaul that bridge to keep Boeing's business."

(Seattle P-I)

The bridge is undergoing repair right now. So I would imagine all of these trains are using the Snohomish/Woodinville route for now.

One of these days I'm going to get a picture of them crossing the Wilburton trestle. I timed it, it takes 45 minutes from when I can hear the horn in woodinville to when they reach the trestle =) Posted 88 minutes ago. ( permalink | delete | edit