KBFI, KSEA, DC-3 and greenest greenies

Instead of hitting the stores at 4 A.M for Black Friday deals, I headed off to snap some aircraft photos (big surprise!) at 7 A.M. I was intending to head to KSEA directly, but I always swing by KBFI to see what's going on.

I'm glad I did. There was a MD-11 at the UPS ramp prepping for takeoff. I noticed last week that UPS had switched to MD-11's for their Seattle runs lately instead of their usual 757s, most likely for the Christmas rush.

The morning was below freezing so the MD-11 had to be de-iced before departure.

The biggest surprise of the morning was the arrival of N3006, an immaculate DC-3 that has been polished to a mirror sheen. After the MD-11 departed, I drove over to the Clay-Lacey parking lot for some photos of it.