Still experimenting, 80mm+2X, C-17, heavies, BOE708, BOE736, BOE434, BOE585

Still experimenting with the Orion shortube 80mm telescope as a looong prime lens. This time its been mated to the 2x Teleconverter for a focal length of 800mm. The limits of the optics are pretty obvious at this length.

The colors are washy, the focus is never sharp and the purple fringe is very pronounced. However, the overcast conditions don't help.

I am able to resolve tail numbers at 800mm, however. So, the combination works for information purposes, but its not ideal for purely photographic purposes. I will see how it works when there's a lot less ambient/scattered light when it clears up. If it clears up.

We did get a visit by a C-17, which looked like it was enroute for KSEA. Don't see a lot of those flying over. ("EVAC441"?)