Air Force One at KSEA, Presidential Motorcade

Today I took Cohen down to Seattle Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac/KSEA/SEA) to give him the rare opportunity to see Air Force One. I knew traffic would get really bad so we arrived at S 188th Street, at the south end of the airport, about an hour early. Instead of parking at the apron of the Port of Seattle gate that's always locked, I parked around the corner, which was a good decision, as security was tight.

As the arrival time of 3:25 approached, more and more security became apparent. Motorcycle officers on the road, constant patrols in SUV's around the airport perimeter and distant Huey gunships. About 20 minutes prior to arrival, a motorcycle officer from King County arrived and parked. He told me that I was to stay in the location I was in for the duration of the event, which I was glad to do.

The President's Motorcade passed nearby inside the perimeter fence as it drove to the tarmac where Air Force One would park, which was a nice surprise.

Pretty soon all aircraft inbound stopped and Air Force One appeared to the south. I was hoping it would land on 34 center, but it ended up landing on 34 right, but I was still able to get some good photos from our position.

We cross back to where the KC deputy was who told us that the Motorcade would be passing right by us momentarily. I wasn't expecting to see the motorcade, so another neat surprise. Some Port of Seattle engineers noted how quiet it it was with all car and air traffic at a stand still, it was very eerie.

Soon enough, the President's Motorcade appeared. Unfortunately, the windows of the limos are very tinted so I was only able to make out Karl Rove in the photos.

Traffic wasn't too bad as we headed back to Bothell.