Great American Road Trip

In these days of internet, digital cable tv and 3G phones, one wouldn't think you'd need to venture out at all to see the sights, its all a click away. However, we believe that there is more to the experience than seeing a picture of it and that's Getting There, and that is just what we did.

We packed the kids into the 'burb and headed off on a Great American Road Trip. Seeing the great American West, from Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon to the Great Salt Lake, and everything in between.

Ok, so there is some advantage to the modern world of portable DVD players and nationwide cellular networks. They give the kids something to do during those stretches of open country that they may not find so interesting, but nothing compares to standing on a precipice overlooking the Grand Canyon, or lumbering along on a dusty Navajo road mere feet from the rock formations that make up those JPEGs most people only see as wallpapers on their PC desktop.

The Road Trip was both a trip to visit Gradma in Greeley, Colorado and a vacation. The goal was Greeley, the National Parks were the fringe benefits.

The drive ended up being 4300 miles and 10 states. Those 10 states being as geologically diverse as you can imagine; 11 thousand foot passes and snowfields to 102 degree desert basins of salt.

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To Butte, Montana

Yellowstone, Tetons, Sacajawea

Oregon Trail

Estes Park

Casa Bonita

Garden of the Gods, Fort Carson

Monument Valley

Grand Canyon, Zion

Salt Lake, Bonneville

Stonehenge, Oregon

The Movie

Favorite Shots

Mid Century Motels