Kelcema Lake Snowshoe

We've been planning a snow shoe trip for quite some time, but even with 2 months planning, we only settled on our destination at the ranger station on our way up there.

The original plan was Heather Lake, but according to the Ranger, had already thawed out and there wasn't much snow along its 2 mile trail. Most of us were anxious to get out on the snow (funny how that anxiety wanes when you are actually on it!) Our second choice was Kelcema Lake, a longer, 10 mile hike that would be on the snow for most of the way.

The first mile or so of the road was melted out, but soon there was a good thick mantle of snow on the road. We put in our gear, got used to the walking with snowshoes and made our way. The road was a nice easy grade all the way to the parking lot near the lake, but there was a 1/4 mile or so of off-trail snowshoeing to the lake itself.

The weather was OK, overcast most of the time with a few patches of blue sky. It rained briefly a few times, but it was never drenching. The temperature was in the 40s all day.

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