Ingalls Lake Hike

Cast of Characters

Anthony "Ironman" Bentley
Brett "Recon" Monroe
Swee "Scrambler" Lai
Liem "This is Awesome" Bahneman

A group of us at the office thought it might be cool to do an Admin's Only backpack somewhere up in the Cascades. Eventually it evolved, as the season did, into a day hike, and eventually came to include Swee Lai, who was heading up into the mountains the same weekend we were.

Initially, our destination was for Gothic Basin off of the road to Monte Cristo, but an infavorable forecast for the west slopes led us to search for an alternate, which ended up being Ingalls Lake since we had a better shot at fairer weather on the eastern slopes.

The forecast for our hike called for 40-60% cloud cover and 20% chance of rain. So we geared for the weather. But in typical northwest fashion, the forecast was totally wrong. It was blue skies and whispy clouds, with a tolerable 65 degrees. Rock on.

We left Issaquah at 7am, hit the trail at 8:50am and were at Ingalls Lake at exactly noon. After circling the lake we headed out and got back to the truck at 4:20pm.


The Hike In
The ascent to Ingalls Pass

The Larches
The larches were just turning green at the ridge top

Ingalls Lake
The goal of our expedition