I thought the Unforgettable Summer of 2003 was over, but lo' another fantastic weekend of blue skies!

I'd been planning this hike for a few weeks now, I originally intended to go 2 weeks prior, but I was in Walla Walla for my grandpa's funeral.

The morning trail temp was 43 degrees but it soon warmed up to a very comfortable 65. The skies were blue and clear, some cirrus clouds made passing appearances, but the skies sunward were fairly hazy.

The Naches Peak Loop trail is a 4-5 mile saunter from Chinook Pass summit to the Tipsoo Lakes. Even at Cohen's pace, it took us about 3 hours to traverse. The views are incredible with Mount Rainier dominating the west, and the peaks around Dewey Lake to the south. In the distance once could see Mount Adams and the peaks of the Goat Rocks.

Some fall colors were appearing, but I suspect it will peak in a few more weeks. A great trail for a short hike, though it is a 2 hour drive from Seattle.