Took a drive up Highway 2 on January 15. Didn't expect much snow, and there wasn't any on the Forest Service roads I was using.

I originally went to take pictures of Mount Index, hopefully with the sunrise (alpenglow) on it, however it was overcast. Fortunately, to the east, Gunn Peak and Merchant Peak were backlit by the sunrise. The sunrise was enhance by the clear skies in Eastern Washington.

The challenge, I found, was finding decent vantage points of Mount Index. I drive dozens of miles of rough forest roads to no avail. I finally found a good view of Gunn Peak from a high-tension powerline cut.

I was amazed at the accuracy of Mapquest's coverage of USFS roads. They were more up to date than the USFS map scans at

All pictures were taken with a Canon Powershot G2