Cleaning the Ban Roll-on Building?

A fun day at the Museum of Flight. Went to their control tower mock-up intending to see the Boeing Large Cargo Lifter (LCF/Dreamlifter) land.

According to, BOE876 was scheduled to land at 1:36pm, however I expected it was to late as the flight tests always seem to be. As we waited the airport switched all approaches from 13L/13R to 31L/31R, which meant instead of flights landing north to south, they would be south to north which meant we'd have the best possible view of the LCF.

The LCF was finally spotted on approach at 2:30pm. As expected, the view from the mock up tower was excellent. In fact, it barely fit in the frame of my camera at 70mm.

We also got to see Paul Allen's 757 and an AirEuropa 737-800.

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