Pike Place Market with the Pinhole

This was my first day using the Finney Minute Aperture Imaging Pinhole Body Cap for Canon EOS. The results were very interesting. At first I started out, accidentally, at ISO3200, so my exposures were a lot shorter than I thought they should be, taking around 4 seconds in some cases. I then realized my problem and set the ISO back to 100. Now my exposures were ranging from 4 secs in bright sun up to 30 seconds for inside Pike Place.

The shots are blurry and somewhat Lomo like. I wish the FOV was a bit wider but this is a limitation of the SLR camera, not the pinhole. Its just too far from the film plane to get a wide FOV.

But I did get a few pleasing shots, intermixed with some with the regular lenses. Overall it was a good lunch outing.

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