First Noctilucent Clouds

Almost got a trifecta of interest tonight. First, I stepped outside at around 10:15 to see the weather and I saw an extremely bright, neon blue streak in the sky to the west. At first I thought it was the sun shining through a gap in the clouds, as it was cloudy earlier, but I walked up the street for a better view and realized I was looking at Noctilucent Clouds.

These were the first I'd ever seen and I was stunned at how bright they were. The thing that made it even better was the fact that the Moon, Saturn, Venus and Mercury were all in alignment right through it.

I only hoped they might last another 15 minutes so I could photograph the ISS and shuttle passing overhead in tandem at 10:32.

This was not to be, but I was able to photograph both separately.

Earlier in the day I snapped a few of the prominent sun halo.